Trapp for Council banner

Thank you, both old and new friends, for your tireless efforts on behalf of the Second Ward and the City of Columbia.  I look forward to serving the people of Columbia with diligence, compassion, and good humor. I am honored that the voters have given me this opportunity to give back to the community that I love.

If you are just tuning in, I have been campaigning tirelessly, knocking on over 2,700 doors, around three simple themes. Number one: Livable Streets. Neighborhood life rests on a platform of adequate infrastructure, sidewalks on busy streets and traffic calming where necessary so folks enjoy being in their front yards creating more “eyes on the street” and improving public safety.

I have also campaigned on cooperative governance and I will seek to serve diligently the needs and wishes of everyone in the ward and to work cooperatively and respectively with all stakeholders in city life. 

Lastly is a focus on the future. I will work in a calm and deliberate manner avoiding rash decisions and costly mistakes. I will make every decision with future generations in mind so that we hand off the city to our children better than we found it.

I would like to thank all of the folks who have joined in this campaign to improve the lives of the people of the Second Ward and the City of Columbia. You have proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are indeed not “apathetic,” but an engaged citizenry seeking to improve our city.

I am proud of the work that we have done and the campaign that we have run. Unfortunately, campaigns have increasingly become an exercise in nihilism––a negative flurry of nonsense that seeks not to inspire political participation but discourage the participation of “opponents.” We have lost a sense of the good faith of the opposition. Fortunately, the Second Ward campaign was different. All of us focused on our own qualifications and ideas. We were cordial and respectful. For that I am proud.

I would like to personally thank Mike Atkinson and Bill Pauls—not only for their desire to serve––but also for their willingness to run a positive and friendly campaign. I hope our campaigns will serve as an example for future City Council races.

Thank you again, Second Ward voters. I will strive to live up to the trust that you have bestowed on me. I look forward to the next three years. I hope to never make you regret the confidence that you have placed in me.

--Michael Trapp